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From Our Parents

"We are grateful for CCPC and its collective effort to provide stability and comfort for our kids during these unsettled times during the pandemic."

- Anne P.

"We were part of the CCPC-WNS family for seven years and it was wonderful.  Every teacher created a classroom filled with love and friendship, a spirit of exploration and learning.  Our children loved going to CCPC and when it was time to leave, they were ready for school."

-Amanda D.

"The teachers and administrators demonstrate kindness, patience, cheerfulness, and creativity in each moment they are with the children, and that gives parents utter confidence and peace in leaving our children in their capable hands."

-Beth K.

"We love the community at CCPC—both the faculty and the other families, and we love the nurturing and caring atmosphere and the play-based curriculum. The staff know and care for our child, and they play a valuable role in fostering her social, emotional, and physical development."

-Amy D.

"CCPC is a happy place for kids to start off their first years of school. The kids are encouraged to learn through play and enjoy the early stages of learning. When I asked my daughters what they love about CCPC they all said, “everything!”

-Allyson H.

"The teachers are trusted resources for us as we navigate these early years of parenting. CCPC is a place where childhood is cherished.  Our daughters stomp in puddles, play hide-and-seek, make play dough and plant gardens all while learning what it means to be an active learner and a good friend."

-Kate S.

"Our daughters started at CCPC soon after our family moved to Washington, DC. We were new parents in a new city and instantly felt at home with the staff and fellow families. CCPC became our community, a collection of friends that we still see and rely on six years later. The teachers we had the privilege to experience set our daughters up for academic success and did so in a warm, caring environment. Our whole family enjoyed our time at CCPC so much. When we found out we were expecting our third, one of the first things we talked about was how exciting it would be to go back!"

-Joe P.

"I love the school because my three children are each very different and all of their teachers have been able to meet their individual needs and foster their unique interests.  The CCPC teachers celebrate the present moment while preparing their students for their academic careers beyond preschool."

- Amanda R.

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