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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Admissions

Does my child need to be potty trained to enroll?

No!  We happily meet each child where they are in this process and work with parents to partner effectively for success.  Many children wear diapers at 3 and even 4 years old.


Is CCPC Nursery School religious?

Although we are located in the church and considered a community outreach ministry by the church, we do not incorporate religious lessons or chapel into our daily classroom activities.  We welcome children of all faiths and backgrounds and celebrate each child’s family heritage and faith traditions to promote greater understanding of our wider world community.

       When is the application due for new students? 

 January 26 is our deadline.
What if the application deadline has passed? 

We welcome applications for any openings by classroom and for our wait list.  Please email the office to inquire at or call 202-363-2209.

Is there an application fee?
Yes, $50 per child.  This fee in non-refundable.

When will I hear about acceptance?
Acceptances are sent by e-mail in mid-February.

When do I need to decide to enroll and what is required?
You secure your child’s spot on or before February 24th by paying a $1,500 deposit which is the first payment toward your annual tuition. This deposit becomes non-refundable as of March 15, 2024. Families who apply outside of our regular admissions cycle are required to make a nonrefundable deposit within 2 weeks of being accepted. All school, medical and dental forms are due by July 1.

What if I’m on a wait list?
We do experience movement during the spring and summer, so let us know if you would still consider a spot if one becomes available later in the spring or summer.

I didn’t get my first choice program/number of days—what now?
We do our best to give all families their first choice and are able to accommodate some movement after all acceptances have been received.  Please contact the office to discuss options.

Are there scholarships/reduced fees offered?
Yes, a limited number of scholarships are available each year on a case-by-case basis. Contact Director Nicole Page to discuss your needs.

Do I drop off my child directly from the car?
Children in our PreK classes are dropped off via a carpool line in the mornings.  For our other students, parents and caregivers walk children to either the classroom or playground to meet their teachers and start the day.  There is ample on street parking in our neighborhood.  

Priority Applications -

Do current students get first priority?

Yes, current students are offered the opportunity to re-enroll in advance of new families.

Do siblings receive priority?
Yes, we love having that special bond of a first school for siblings.  All siblings (whether currently enrolled or graduated) receive priority.

I am a member of Chevy Chase Presbyterian Church—does that make a difference?
Yes, church members receive priority status to enroll.

I am an alumni of CCPC Nursey School?  Do my children receive priority?
We love these special families who represent two generations of Nursery School students.  They also receive priority. 

Admissions FAQ's

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