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60 Years of

Joyful Community!

In 1958, the Chevy Chase Presbyterian Church Weekday Nursery School opened its doors to welcome one class of 12 four year olds.  Fifty years earlier, in 1908, the church was founded on Chevy Chase Circle when the area was first being developed as the nation's first suburban “streetcar” community.  

Through its school, the church’s longtime ministry to its neighbors celebrates its core tenet, “Children Our Blessing”. Thousands of families have enjoyed a joyful early childhood education at CCPC.  We estimate that more than 5,000 children began their educational journey at CCPC. Sixty years later, the school has 125 children ages 18 months to 5 years with a dedicated and loving teaching staff of 22.  Our Learning Through Play philosophy has stood the test of time, and CCPC has been a treasured tradition for generations of families in upper Northwest, DC. This year’s parents boast 5 alums.  Who says DC is a transient community?  Not so here at CCPC.  

Enjoy these photos from our 60th Anniversary Playground Party


Local elected officials recognize 60 years of community building for CCPC church and nursery school.


CCPC Nursery School

Class of 1989

visits the White House!


A message from

Molly Blythe Teichert

CCPC Senior Pastor

At Chevy Chase Presbyterian Church, we say

Christ is our Center,

Children are our Blessing


Justice is our Passion.

    So today I want to thank all the children who are attending and have attended the Weekday Nursery School -- some of you now have your own children here.

Because you are our blessing, you remind us of life’s essentials -- compassion, curiosity, wonder and delight.
I thank all of the teachers who help celebrate childhood through

the gift of play.

Our teachers know that learning through play is not only a philosophy of the school but a blessing of a child’s spirit as well.

        Many thanks to all of the administrators and volunteers and parents who make it all happen.
    And especially to our Director Noni Lindahl and former Director Cindy Walsh.

What blessings you are and have been to all of us.

And now a blessing:

Holy One of Creation,

You made us in love,

you made us for love.
  You made us for joy, for happiness, for wholeness, you made us for learning, and you made us for play.


Bless our Weekday Nursery School, our children, our families, our teachers, volunteers, administrators and director.


May the work we do be a sign of goodness and love in the world.

May we raise healthy, happy children with beautiful souls who will bless the world.


Bless this celebration and receive it as an expression of our thanksgiving for all of your blessings to us.


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