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Tuition Amounts

Each family commits to the full annual tuition amount upon final enrollment in our school. Payments may be made annually in September or monthly.  Invoices are sent on the first of each month and due on the 15th of each month. Limited scholarships may be available.  Inquire with Director Noni Lindahl at 

(1) Enrollment deposit is due March 1, 2019 and will applied to the May 2020 invoice.

(2) Monthly tuition payments are due monthly September 2019 through April 2020.

(3) There is no Enrollment Deposit for Extended Day Classes.

(4) Monthly tuition payments are due monthly September 2019 through May 2020.

These classes are both charged in the invoice produced the month after the attendance date.

(5) There is no reservation required for Early Drop-off.

(6) Please call the school office to request a Drop-in spot.

Activity Fees

Your child's activity fee pays for field-trip costs and also for the monthly special programs that come into our school to enrich your child's day with music and movement. This is a one-time fee, payable in September, that covers all your child's activity costs for the school year.

Payment Method & Convenience Fees

Each family is invited to create an account through our Parent Portal.  Through the portal, parents receive invoices for regular tuition, drop-off/drop-in class tuition, and incidental voluntary expenses throughout the year.


Payment of these invoices may be made through the portal by setting up a credit card or bank account as the payment method.  Accounts can be set up to automatically pay invoices on the invoice payment date, or can can be set to have the parent log in each month to initiate the payments.


Monthly convenience fees will be added to invoices and based on the method of payment that you have chosen.

Please Note: Payments for full annual tuition made in September will not be subject to any conveniences fees.

Tuition & Payment

2019 - 2020 School Year

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